Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kylie is a summa cum laude Bachelor of Music graduate from CSU Northridge's prestigious Commercial & Media Writing program in Los Angeles, California.

In her young career, she has scored several projects, including films and video games, and has experience arranging for and conducting large ensembles, including CSUN's Gamer Symphony Orchestra. 

Kylie is also a seasoned singer-songwriter, specializing in indie rock and indie pop styles, but showcasing flexibility and passion for many styles of music. Additionally, her musical theater experience spans over a decade.

She lives in Portland with her husband, son, and cats, Handsome Boy and Olive.


Selected Works

Conducting the world premiere of my concert piece, Three Prayers for the Dead!

scoring credits


Corpse Corp., 2019                                       

Seasons of Suni, 2019                                   

The Visitor, 2019 

Regrowth, 2018                                         


Video Games

Memento Mori, 2021

After a long day's work, 2020

Lights Out, 2020

Crescendo Moon, 2020

Cab Counselor, 2020